News May 14 ,2021

Credits Weekly Digest

Welcome to Credits Weekly Digest!
Here you can find all our news and updates that have taken place over the past few days.
The Process of Blockchain Renewal
Credits development team has done a great job at testing a new assembly in the MainNet. After thorough checking and testing of the nodes of the old assembly, a block processing bug was detected. It has never previously manifested itself but has a chance to occur. This condition is unacceptable and urgently requires correction that will be carried out shortly.
Please be notified that despite making stable progress in the MainNet updating and the majority of the technical development, we are having a bit of delay.
Credits Web Wallet Updates
The development of the web version of Credits Wallet is in full swing. Credits team has successfully tested the fixed period delegation functionality. We are planning to add a fixed period delegation function to the web wallet early next week. The function will give an opportunity for people to delegate coins for a fixed period with a subsequent return.
Q&A Session with Credits CEO, Igor Chugunov
As usual, we’ve answered the most important questions received the previous week in Q&A Session with our CEO Igor Chugunov. Please find it here.
What’s Next?
We have decided to alter certain terms and conditions of the node reward system based on the feedback we received from users. Сiting messages of dissatisfaction with the current node rewards, we have started working on a new mechanism that will increase the rewards for nodeholders. Credits team is planning to undertake an appropriate update and introduce it during the month of June. Moreover, we are currently preparing a new and improved version of the website. It will include a lot of great features and more easy access to our products and services. 
We look forward to receiving your feedback and continuing to bring you enhanced features down the road to make your cryptocurrency, financial, and blockchain experience more enjoyable.
You can find more information about our development plans:
All users are always welcomed to reach us out on our social media and in TG chats. 
Thank you all for your continuous support! Stay updated with the latest in Credits!
Please keep in mind that dates may change slightly due to a large amount of work and circumstances that may occur during testing. However, the Credits team will do its best to meet the required timelines! 

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