News May 25 ,2021

Web Wallet Update: Streamlined Inputting Dates Adjustment

We are pleased to introduce a new update to the Credits Web Wallet Fixed Period Delegation Function — the inbuilt inputting dates adjustment. This option allows Credits Web Wallet delegators to easily and quickly create the necessary timestamp to establish when they are planning to return their funds. 

Earlier this month, Credits team announced the successful test mode implementation of the “Fixed Period Delegation” function to the Credits Web Wallet. In the original version, delegators had to use third-party "EpochConverter" or its analogs. For this reason, after the initial release, we have started several tests on implementing a more friendly format for inputting the dates. 

Today the updated inbuilt inputting dates adjustment that displays a streamlined timestamp for coin delegation has been finally released!

  • The updated timestamp sets your current time by default.
  • You should manually set the necessary period for your coins to be delegated. The time you set is automatically converted to Unix Time and recorded in the transaction.
  • Upon reaching the fixed time, your funds will be automatically returned.

Note that the feature is currently available on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Other browsers may experience some issues, so we recommend using proven ones.

Thank you all for your continued support and feedback!

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