News Jun 22 ,2021

Q&A Session with Credits CEO, Igor Chugunov


We are glad to see you at our Questions and Answers Session! Thank you for being eager to keep up to date with everything happening at Credits. Here are the latest questions from our community:

Q1: Admin said that Credits team will continue the request to ledger after the MainNet is done, why not do it at the same time? While updating mainnet while asking again?

A: I would like to note that we have some constraints, like human, time, and financial resources. It is more important for us to finish updating the MainNet. Therefore, the blockchain development team primarily deals with updates and fixes of the MainNet.

Q2: What plans or mechanism does Credits have in store to increase trading volume at Kucoin?

A: As you can see recently, trading volumes have dropped quite strongly for every market participant, including Credits. This is partly the result of the uncertainty of the market in general. On the other hand, we have some delays on our part. However, there is nothing to worry about here. We are keeping in touch with key exchanges. We estimate that the situation will soon improve, either through our efforts or through the efforts of third-party companies. 

Q3. How are the scheduled deadlines and road map dates foreseen? Does CS team understands and Take into account the impact (on price and trust) of not accomplishing those dates?

A: Once again, the delays that many projects face are a pretty common occurrence. As a result, some of the teams completely abandon their road maps, but that is not our case. Despite all the difficulties that arise during our road, we are trying to implement the planned actions. The roadmap is a kind of development base that keeps the community track of our ongoing research and technical work. Yes, we do have some delays on the roadmap. However, we are moving steadily forward.

Q4: Can you do a news article of your office? Like a tour and who's who. A bit of transparency would be nice. 

A: As many of you remember, we often made videos of this kind of format. At the moment, we are working in a remote format due to the COVID-19 situation. However, since the beginning of the summer, we have been considering the question of returning to face-to-face format. A partial resumption of the office work is planned soon. We'll let you know more details in the lead-up. 

Q5: No news no listing no release no update? Q2 almost gone these things were supposed to come Q1, what happened?

A: This is the way it is. We have delays that we have mentioned several times in our news releases. It has to do with the fact that Credits development team performed the testing of a new assembly in MainNet, thorough debugging work, and subsequent monitoring activities. At the moment, this procedure is successfully completed, and we plan to release the corresponding update. Stay tuned!

Q6: Which of your products are already patented and which ones are patent pending?

A: You can track all relevant information and updates on patents in the public register. Considering those patents that are pending, the situation is the following. For a certain time, we received requests for clarification of specific information. However, we have not received any such requests at this time and are in a pending status. 

Find general info in our article:

Q7: If you are using Agile methodologies, then why do your announcements indicate otherwise info?

A: In fact, we use Agile, but the products are quite complex and overlap with each other. Therefore, we also lay down sprints for fixing bugs and finishing touches. However, in any case, we have delays, and we are trying to build more systematic work in order to minimize them.

Good day, thank you for your questions and participation! We do appreciate your drive for Credits development!

Users have one week to submit their questions. Please do not hesitate to send us more questions you would like to be covered here!

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