News Dec 18 ,2021

Credits Q&A Session


Welcome to Credits Q&A Session! Thank you for being eager to keep up to date with everything happening at the Credits project. Here are the latest questions from our community.

Q1. What is the plan for to survive in this bearish market by the Credits team?

A We are building innovative products and believe that price will reflect our software products' market value and demand despite the bearish or other trends. Bear or bull market shifts are relevant for trading companies. Credits is a technological startup focused on developing and delivering helpful software tools for everyday life.

Q2. With the current hype of GameFi, Metaverse and Web3. Do you guys have any plan to move in this direction?

A Thanks for asking. We observe many trends in crypto and blockchain market. Apart from these mentioned, there is a strong uprise in the art industry for NFT application as well as blockchain and crypto financial instruments in FinTech. It is impossible to follow each trend and be on time with new products in each niche. Most tech companies aim at one or few economic sectors, and Credits is focused on blockchain further enhancement and development and delivering a solid financial technology that is also in high demand by the market. 

Q3. Is the neo bank app December external test started already or is it delayed? If delayed, when do you think is the next possible date for external tests? What approximate dates are you forecasting for neo bank app releases: 1. Public beta release.  2. Public full version release. (Initial)  

A Testing has not started yet, and we will notify you when the test is on! The last sprint ended on Friday the 10th. You can find a summary of its results here. Next update on wallet release and possible clarification on the date of external testing will become unavailable on December 24, after the ongoing sprint is finished. 

  1. The public beta release is expected in January 2022. However, there is a possibility that we will release it at the end of December. Please stay tuned for the announcement.

  2. The production public version will be released after the external beta testing is successfully passed and preliminary set for the release in 1Q 2022.

Q4. The total node reward last month was 10k USD; among how many people was that shared between? 

A Please refer to the detailed information in our report on November Node Reward distribution.   

Q5. this token is fast than binance and transaction fee smaller than binance?how can i test CREDITS transfer now?

A You will be able to test these metrics in the Credits wallet when it is out. Also, you can follow this procedure: 1) create Credits wallet here 2) from the web wallet, you can manage your transactions, like on any other blockchains, and therefore test Credits transfer. To watch this online, please use the Credits monitor. If you have any other technical questions, please refer to our developers’ documentation. You can also find the most relevant technical discussions on Credits software in our TechChat, where our managers will be happy to assist you further. 

Q6. Hey team, did you hire any new people, developers this year? If not, is there any plan to hire new people for the team so you guys can achieve all your goals faster and on time?

A Thanks for your question. Yes, the team was significantly enlarged this year. We hired new team members for the positions of product owners, analytics and developers. The team will be increased further. Credits will need extra human resources with the wallet out for public use, and some new positions will appear in the company structure. 

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