We Ease The Way
You Pay

Taking The Hassle,
High Costs And Delays
Out Of the Payment Industry

Collection of digital currency services

Pay, exchange, collect, send, earn and receive money. Superfast and easy

Innovative digital wallet
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Debit card:
Visa /
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The fastest and most scalable blockchain
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Stable valued tokens equal to USD, EUR
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Decentralized Wallet for CS
and tokens
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Native decentralised CS cryptocurrency
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Credits Digital wallet is an online financial payment service which provides highly exclusive crypto operations as an alternative and improvement to traditional currencies and money transfers.

For you Debit Cards, SEPA accounts and cryptocurrencies. You can buy, sell, store and send Crypto assets to friends and family online.

First release of Credits digital wallet is available for EU Residents. Read more

Credits digital debit card in the Mobile App

Virtual debit cards in the Mobile Wallet application
  • Card accepted worldwide
  • Top up with other cards
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Cashback programs in CS
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Credits Stablecoin

Credits USD and Credits EURO running on the blockchain globally
  • Stable value
  • Global remittances
  • Fast transfers
  • Easy conversion to fiat
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Decentralized blockchain platform - fast and scalable

Transactions executed within 1 second
  • Issue financial assets (tokens)
  • Smart contracts on Java
  • CS coins in your project
  • Blockchain in DAPPs
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Lenovo explores ways to incorporate Credits Blockchain for implementation Virtual reality (VR)

IBM is choosing Credits as a solution that will allow to integrate technologies with client-side platforms.

Oracle and Credits to establish cooperation for supporting blockchain technology and emerging projects.

IBM Watson is the partner in the IoT industry with the infrastructure in data-intensive environments.

Alibaba is using Credits as a technological platform to develop solutions for supply chain management.

Renmin University of China - one of the biggest and most widely regarded universities in the country.

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