Invite a friend and both get $10

Plans for Individuals

Free for 1 month
€4.99 /month
Free Premium
Store $200+ crypto or Spend $100+ by card
Mastercard Debit, issuing FREE
Mastercard Debit, monthly maintenance FREE
Deposit to IBAN (external) FREE FREE
Transfer from IBAN €1 €1
Transfer internal fiat (IBAN-card, IBAN-cryto) €0.30 €0.30
Card payment (Domestic Europe*) €0.15 €0.15
Card payment (International*) €0.60 + 2% €0.60 + 2%
Сryptocurrency accounts FREE FREE
Top up crypto account FREE FREE
Transfer crypto external GAS + 20% of gasfee GAS + 10% of gasfee
Exchange FREE FREE
Transfer from Crypto to IBAN 1% 0.5%
Top up from external debit/credits card 3% min €0.40 2% min €0.40
Get Standard Get Premium

*Domestic means the EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
*International means countries and territories other than the EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

*To apply for Premium with a Credits debit Mastercard, the user must have a positive account balance of at least $25 in fiat or cryptocurrency. This $25 is necessary only for activating the Premium plan and can be spent immediately.

* In case of non-payment for the premium plan, you will be moved to the Standard plan, the cost of card maintenance will be.

Plans for Business

Fees for business know more.