What documents are accepted for address verification?

We accept the following documents for proof of address:

  • utility bill issued within the last 90 days (heating, electricity, water, gas, etc.);
  • original printed or electronic statement issued by your financial institution within the last 90 days (bank, credit/debit card, mortgage, insurance, investments - please note that we do not accept statements from online-only financial institutions);
  • a signed and sealed letter or document in electronic form from your financial institution, issued within the last 90 days and confirming that you have an account opened with them, including your address and full name;
  • any correspondence from government authorities (including tax documents, court documents, retirement account statements, etc.) issued within the last 12 months;
  • a rental agreement concluded within the last 12 months, which contains either the signatures of the landlord and tenant, or the logo of the institution that issued the document.