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Q&A Tuesday Session with CREDITS’ CEO Igor Chugunov

Every day we receive dozens of questions from our community and today I would like to answer those asked most frequently last week.

Q: “When transactions will increase? I mean when I can get monthly 500 CS rewards from blockchain node, not from your contest reward program. Since actually blockchain rewards are real rewards and they are really decentralized and produced by nodes”

A: We understand that node reward is not that high at the moment. When we were setting for the node reward, we based it on a future large number of transactions, which we have yet to hit in order to get a higher bonus. 

We are working hard to reach this target by developing our own products and incentive programs as well as by partnerships and collaborations with external developers.

At present, we support the holders of nodes via this node reward program.

Q: “When will the digital card be released?”

A: Work on the digital card continues as per the roadmap, and we are planning the release at the end of 2020. There are 3 parties involved in the project, so some delays are possible, but we do our best to stick to the dates originally stated.

Q: "Is the CS coin decoupled from the Credits company maybe? Like Credits is a success but doesn't mean that the coin itself is going for the ride anymore?”

A: That's a very good question. I can assure you that everything we do is viewed through the lens of the Credits’ blockchain. We are focused on developing the infrastructure and ecosystem of the credit project as a whole! I briefed about this in more detail here.

Thank you for staying with us and taking active discussions in our TG chats, please send us more questions you would like to be covered here. 

Igor Chugunov,
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