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Credits Blockchain 2020 accomplishments

In 2019 we have launched Credits blockchain. The year 2020 we spent on improving its features and also enriching its ecosystem.

Being a technological company means always push harder to better results. This year we introduced several important updates for the blockchain and its working mechanisms.

Below we highlight the main changes made and results achieved.

Few of the important updates we carried out in blockchain in January.

This update covered:

  • API node protocol improvements 

  • Security updates (additional validations introduction)

  • Network Speed Improvements

  • Node Stability Improvements

To see in detail what has been done please check our original announcement.

We introduced Delegation in February!

The concept of delegation of funds is now presented by options: 

  • Delegation to multiple accounts from one wallet

  • Accumulation of funds from several wallets on one account

  • Setting the validity period of delegation by date/time

The staking tab was added to the Monitor, so now you can track delegated funds on your screen!

The release of the new network node version 4.2.503. 

The new node features brought these important changes:

  • Decentralization increase. Any active node can now serve as an entry point for a new node.

  • A significant increase in the bandwidth 

  • Blacklisting mechanism work improvements 

  • Increased protection against DDoS attacks 

  • Ability to work behind NAT without manually configuring port forwarding in the router 

  • Redesign on the block synchronization mechanism

Please see more details on what exactly has been changed in the original announcement here  

In April we released a developer’s hub!

Developer’s hub is to help the developers to come and work with our blockchain. We describe the methods of work allowing you to build your project on the Credits Platform.

We keep constantly updating this site and encourage all our users to check on the information there.

In April we have announced the Node Reward Program.

We initiated the Node Rewards Program to support the Node Holders. Rewards are distributed monthly. The program is running as of March 2020 and you can find distribution reports in the news section.

By doing this we want to make our blockchain ecosystem even more decentralized and aim to bring more node owners to the platform. 

Please see the original announcement here

We have applied to receive the patent for the Credits technology.

We have built our blockchain protocol from scratch and some of our technological methods are unique. We are securing our right of ownership for this innovation. Patented technology makes us a step ahead of our competitors in the industry.

Please find more details on this in the original announcement 

Further blockchain optimization in July 2020.

July updates coved the changes listed below and you can find a more detailed report here.

  • Restructured models of the source code 

  • Added additional exceptions interceptors

  • New features - GetFilteredTransactionList - first multi-account request

  • Changes made to the existing functions of Transaction Execution and PackTransaction function

  • Changes in the Thrift interface definition.

Major blockchain update, MainNet 2020.

After more than a year-long operation of MainNet, the Credits development team identified several points requiring optimization and improvements. Mainnet update included changes in both the Node and the Blockchain.

Withing this upgrade important changes were made in the security: added protection features together with the signature verification on the node side.

More details in the original article. 

Public Speed/Load Test. 

In October we have announced that we will hold Public Speed/load Test to demonstrate the maximum TPS we can reach on our blockchain. 

Since then team started works to get ready for the test. To perform the test in the right conditions and with full transparency requires time and the process itself is complex work. 

As of now, the team continues doing the internal test and executing the changes when we see possible bottlenecks for the Public Test. We successfully implemented parallelism and introduced a new node version since the beginning of the test and reached great results so far. The preparational part of the test is still in process and we will announce the date set for the Test as soon as we are ready. The very latest update on this subject is here. 

2020 Conclusion. 

The Сredits team is proud of the work we have done on blockchain improvement this year. We would like to thank all supporters of our technology! We value your feedback and engagement with our project!  

We think this is a great finishing line to hold a Speed/Load Test as a demonstration of the operational power of the Credits protocol. We hope that we still can manage it this year, otherwise, the dates for the test will be already in 2021. 

All updates we have implemented in 2020 are done with the purpose to improve the efficiency of the blockchain. We also made a lot to increase security protection. 

All the work we do is for creating the blockchain with distinguished metrics, higher speed, better security, and maximum decentralization. By updating the platform ecosystem we aim to ease the way to work with us for external developers and corporate companies. Credits Development Team will continue to strive for better outstanding technology in the forthcoming 2021! 

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